Travel Risk Assessment Form

Travel Risk Assessment

The Staff Team Leader should ensure that a Travel Risk Assessment Form is submitted by the Traveller before travel. A copy should be retained by the Traveller and a copy emailed to for record purposes. The information will be kept for 6 months only.

Note 1. This Travel Risk Assessment Form should be used for all business travel overseas.
Note 2. All staff should follow the relevant travel guidelines issued by various Governments and airlines.
Visited Date(Required)
Please check on the official Government website for the required inoculations & prophylactics.
Are You COVID Vaccinated?(Required)
Risk Rating, including the Overall Rating (from RSA Travel Assistance App [insert date])(Required)
I agree that, I shall comply with the health measures put into place by airports, airlines, and hotels (accommodation)(Required)
I agree that, I shall comply with all specific requirements for entry, transit or departure from a country, including arrival back into the home country (possible requirements to include, but not limited to, travel documents with required duration of validity and special exemption visas in countries where borders may still be closed to non-residents, COVID-19-free medical certificate, quarantine, contact tracing etc.).(Required)